The Shepherd's Daughter | Clare Benson

The Shepherd's Daughter | Clare Benson


Clare Benson's monograph, The Shepherd's Daughter, with essays by Melissa Goodrich and Meg R. Jackson, design by Karen Zimmermann.

"Clare Benson’s The Shepherd’s Daughter dynamically synthesizes articulations of being. It is a delicate balance of familial history, memory, and conceptual project. Emanating from her images are vividly personal references, to a complex relationship with an aging parent, to the uncanniness of a distant home, and to ancestral ties to hunting practices….Benson’s process evokes archaeological fieldwork. She excavates material and immaterial relics with acuteness, looking for potential connections hidden in nature, in humanity." – Meg R. Jackson

Published by Photolucida through the Critical Mass Book Award. Copyright 2017.
Book dimensions: 7.5 x 11 in., 64 pages with gatefold, 32 four-color photographs.
ISBN 978-1-934334-15-7

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