Jumper, Flying in the Heartland | Cooper Dodds

Jumper, Flying in the Heartland | Cooper Dodds


Photographs by Cooper Dodds
Contributions by Peter Geye and Chris Lamb

For two weeks every winter, a rarefied group of ski jumpers travel the Midwest competing in a Five Hills Tournament across some of America’s most notable ski jumps. Thousands of fans pack local ski clubs to witness competitors launch themselves from the large towers that rise menacingly above the flat Midwest landscape. A ski jumper himself, Cooper Dodds’ color photographs highlight a Nordic tradition transplanted in middle America and sustained through extensive volunteer support and young athletes obsessed with the art of flying.

Cooper Dodds studied photography in Minnesota and his home state New Hampshire and now lives and works in Brooklyn. He is 2019 Eastern Ski Jumping Champion and has skied the Midwest Tour every year for the past decade.

Peter Geye is the author of three award-winning novels. A former ski jumper, he lives and works in Minneapolis.

Chris Lamb is a New Hampshire native and former USA Ski Jumping team member. He ski jumped competitively for nearly twenty years, seven of which were spent on the international circuit, and he continues to fly for fun when possible. Chris holds a BA in environmental studies, philosophy, and literature from Marlboro College and is pursuing an MA in English at the University of Idaho.

Hardcover: 122 pages; 45 Color Photographs
Publisher: Daylight Books (November 19, 2019)

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